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Thanks for visiting the website, My name is Ben House, I build Decks, Barns, Docks, Fences, Houses, and Install Metal Roofing.

We specialize in building strong decks, mountain houses and bug out cabins in remote locations; but no matter your location we can work with you. In these pages you will find some examples of our work, if you have an idea of what you'd like to build but need solutions we can work out then details with you, give us a call at 423-260-5984 or email at

Many of the Cabins and Mountain Houses we build are pier construction using repurposed power poles for the piers, these are not only stronger than the standard pressure treated lumber; they are treated more thoroughly. By repurposing these poles we are saving them from the landfill. We can build on a standard block foundation or a slab but those options will cost more than the pier construction.

Our Decks are built on 6x6 pressure treated posts, and we don't just nail the posts on the deck we notch them into the structure. We mainly deck using 2x6 pressure treated decking for longevity; the typical 5/4 decking board does not hold up to the elements like a 2x6 will.

But here in the last few years we have been getting more calls for composite decking. When we use the composite decking we usually go with Trex, it lasts longer and has less fading than the other brands. With Trex we can use the hidden fastener system so screws don't show on the surface of the deck.

You can contact me for a free estimate by phone at 423-260-5984 or by email at:

Chattanooga Art District Overlook Deck

Chattanooga Art District Overlook Deck

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